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28.02.2017 Cashout savage

she experienced as fucc

26.02.2017 Breederforever

she is not making a sound and you think she is a virgin lol

24.02.2017 Californiask8bbc

y 039 all sound dumb af took me a long ass time to get her like that ready for me to even go that pace back and forth in her pussy you need to check out my other videos had her ass limping the neck day

22.02.2017 Shai1976

how can you criticize someone sounding dumb as fuck when you have made no attempt to even spell check you typing

19.02.2017 Sweetwettpeaches

far from a virgin

17.02.2017 Californiask8bbc

y 039 all are so ignorant is fucking sad she don 039 t gotta be stupid tight to be a virgin everyone just looking for some attention stfu and watch the fucking video or get tf off of my video simple it 039 s not the first time we fucked that day dumbasses

15.02.2017 Californiask8bbc

why tf i gotta lie for evidence all right there for y 039 all so it 039 s not like i 039 m hiding anything not every virgin is fucking super tight to the point u can 039 t stick your dick in bruh go to fucking school and learn somthing before you start talkin on someone else 039 s video sstupd ass mafuckas like i said in my oother comment took me a long time to get her like that and it 039 s not the first time we fucked that day if you don 039 t like the video stfu and thumbs it down i can care less tf xd

13.02.2017 Dragonfrost

not sure but not bad but could be better

10.02.2017 Roundface

if she 039 s a virgin why her pussy aint bleeding once the hyman breaks the pussy bleeds and i didn 039 t one drop of blood come out that girl pussy smh

08.02.2017 Smuvtalker

hey californiask8bbc don 039 t take these comments personal remember that there are many posters on here who do nothing but criticize and if they take the time to say anything it 039 s going to be something negative the fact that your video is at a 98 percent rating shows that this is a very well liked video in the world of pornography the word virgin is as rare as the word celery in a fat person 039 s diet so people are going to automatically be skeptical when seeing that word in a title

Teen virgin amateurs homemade
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